Adaptive Intelligence Group

We believe that people working in diverse inclusive cultures are the ones who deliver high performance

Soar above the rest with your High Performance Culture

High Performance Culture creates:

    • Increased Profit
    • Stronger Engagement
    • Motivated talent
    • Faster Execution
    • Loyal Customers
    • World-class Brand Value

Your future

Gain unprecedented clarity around your organisation’s cultural strengths and weaknesses, and how they support or interfere directly with your strategic objectives. Align excellent people with stand out strategy and execution. Realise the outstanding real-world rewards that having a high performing culture delivers.


The Adaptive Intelligence Group (AdaptiveIG) have created a unique integrated process the "Adaptive Intelligence Cultural Pathwayfor developing and maintaining high performance organisational cultures that are home to highly motivated, healthy, resilient, engaged and innovative people who voluntarily achieve outcomes beyond the expectations of their public strategies.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping organisations, their leaders and their staff make wiser decisions more often.

The product of making more wise decisions across the breadth and depth of an organisation are, increased revenues, stronger customer and talent engagement, and faster more effective execution of strategic plans.

The virtuous cycle of the "Adaptive Cultural Intelligence Pathway" - "Assess, Adapt and Achieve" methodology depends on an impressive range of human talent and experience backed up by an armoury of validated, benchmarked and battle-proven tools, techniques and programmes. We build flexible tailor-made solutions with surgical precision to address specific issues identified within organisations.