Exceptional organisations are built on

Adaptive Intercultural Intelligence (ACI)

Our purpose

We believe that highly motivated people working in high performance inclusive cultures will change the world.

Principal Benefits for Organisations

  • Unprecedented clarity around an organisation’s cultural strengths and weaknesses, and how they support or interfere with people's capacity to excel and deliver strategic objectives. 

  • Co-operative alignment of people with their organisation's operations and systems delivering real-world results beyond anyone's expectations.
      • One University increased staff engagement to 70% within a month
      • A Global organisation performed 26 times better after 18 months
      • Another turned a £3.5m annual loss into a £40m profit within 4 years.

Our Mission

We have come together to create a single point of contact for organisations wishing to create an “Excellence Environment” founded on the principles of “Adaptive Cultural Intelligence” that expresses itself as a “High Performance Culture” capable of driving outstanding real-world results. 

AdaptiveIG is nine companies with one common purpose:

We equip organisations with the ability to unleash the hidden excellence of their people and as a result achieve revolutionary change and awe-inspiring real-world outcomes.

Adaptive Cultural Intelligence

Whilst most organisations appreciate the importance of their culture, most struggle to leverage it as an essential component of high performance.  It may also appear to be just a matter of common sense, but the foundations and operations of  “The Adaptive Intelligence Cultural Pathway” (AICP) are derived from a unique synthesis of neuroscience research, business experience, sports psychology and intercultural intelligence, and may be seen as the fundamental operating system connecting individual and organisational achievement.

Simply put, engaging HEART (Purpose and Values) followed by HEAD (Innovation and Analysis) and finally GUT (Motivation and Belief) generates WISDOM. People and organisations that make decisions based on maximal leverage of their Adaptive Intelligence gain the real-world success the desire.

The members of the Adaptive Intelligence Group have created a unique integrated process, based on the concept of Adaptive Intelligence, for developing and maintaining high performance organisational culture. We use the latest business data and academically validated research as the foundation of our work with our clients.

High performing Cultures are home to highly motivated, healthy, resilient, engaged and innovative people who voluntarily achieve outcomes beyond standard expectations.

The virtuous cycle of the AICP methodology (Assess, Adapt & Achieve) depends on an impressive range of human talent and experience backed up by an extensive and growing armoury of validated, benchmarked and battle-proven tools, techniques and programmes. We build flexible, targeted and tailor-made solutions to address specific issues identified within organisations. 

Our Process

Take just five steps to build your High Performance Culture.

Need more information?

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