We believe that highly motivated people working in high performance inclusive cultures will change the world.

The nine members of AdaptiveIG have more than 200 years of collective experience form the core membership of the Adaptive Intelligence Group. Together with more than 40 Associates and hundreds of coaches we have developed a unique support system, the "Adaptive Intelligence Cultural Pathway" for organisations who want to create sustainable high performance cultures.


Dr Gary Coulton - Adaptive Intelligence Consulting Limited 

Gary Coulton brings 35 years of personal, scientific, sporting and business expertise as well as an innovative approach to problem solving to creating the next generation of outstanding organisations. As a scientist he takes nothing on face value but is committed to giving business leaders access to objective evidence that allows them to make wise decisions more often. This has culminated in the concept of Adaptive Intelligence.

Organisations and the people working within them can create extraordinary achievements by engaging their HEART (Purpose & Values), HEAD (Innovation & Analysis) and GUT (Motivation and worth) intelligences. Whilst this feels like basic common sense, creating and maintaining high performance cultures within which people can excel is anything but common and a lot of senseless behaviours are typical of our organisations. The good news is that AI can be operationalized in organisations!

Gary is also a partner with  Denison EuropeKeyhubs and Waggl as key components of the integrated Adaptive Intelligence Cultural Pathway (AICP).

He is also a qualified Executive Coach, HearthMath trainer and mBraining Coach.


Patrick Ballin - Mile One

Working as an executive coach and consultant with organisations across the private, public and non-profit sectors, Patrick helps senior managers and global teams to enhance their professional performance and achieve their business and career goals.

Patrick’s background is in the retail industry: he was the Global Head of Supply Chain & Logistics Development for The Body Shop, responsible for a programme of change across 52 countries, and a Trustee of The Body Shop Foundation.

Patrick has an international reputation as a practitioner in Belbin Team Roles, for whom he runs accreditation workshops in the UK, and is a master coach for Belbin North America (3Circle Partners). He has conducted team development workshops and effective interaction coaching in the UK, Switzerland, Turkey and the USA. Clients include the NHS, Gallo Wines, Eli Lilly, Genentech, Agusta Westland and Xerox.

In the field of collaboration and business change, Patrick recently coached on the NBS Partners programme, a global business partnering initiative for Novartis, which was awarded gold at the Learning Technologies Awards 2016.

Patrick is a Visiting Lecturer on Specialist Masters Programmes at Brighton Business School and has advised on the establishment of the internal learning and development academies at both Morrisons and Grant Thornton. He holds an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and is a Fellow of the RSA.

Patrick is also partner of Denison Europe and Waggl.


Csaba Toth - ICQ Consulting

People think, behave and work in such different ways that it causes stress, confusion, disengagement which leads to high staff turnover and poor customer retention as they have plenty of other options to choose from.  This issue gets much worse across various cultural groups such as generations, nationalities, ethnicities, personality types, professions, genders. Unfortunately measuring  employee engagement and trying to implement well-being program deal with the symptoms only instead of the root cause of the problem. 

When people don’t get along, the problem isn’t incompatibility, it is usually inflexibility AND the lack of self-awareness, in other words, the lack of cultural intelligence.  ICQ Consulting is a global leadership and management development agency helping clients leverage personal and cultural differences through a unique portfolio of assessments, training and consultancy. It has already been utilised by start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in the USA, Europe and Latin America. Our 21st century solutions are designed to address the new challenges of globalisation and based on the expertise of one of the world's leading organisational culture experts, the co-founder of ICQ Consulting, Dr Jorge Mastrapa. 


Leigh McKay - Work Wise Wellness Solutions

It is Leigh’s belief that the success of any business is dependent on everyone working effectively whilst feeling at their best. Research shows that people with high levels of wellbeing are more resilient on a mental, physical and emotional level – so making healthy choices in our attitudes and actions leads to overall improved performance for individuals and ultimately your business.

Wellbeing means something different to everyone and that’s why for Work Wise Wellness, offering your staff holistic, multi-dimensional choices is important. We take time to first assess your needs before creating a bespoke program which is measured objectively throughout implementation.

Our high quality and scalable initiatives are delivered by highly respected experts who help:

Your team consistently reach their best personal potential, making them feeling valued, motivated and engaged.

Your business profitability, dynamics and talent retention.

Us: Empower people emotionally whilst living our values through our work.


Hilary Gander - Level Vision

Strong leadership, cohesive, harmonious teams and win-win partnerships are the necessities for successful, sustainable businesses. Using a blended approach of leadership coaching, team and client relationship building, I help decision-makers become more effective communicators who motivate people to excel.

Through my workshops and one-to-one coaching, people gain a better understanding of themselves; discover how people really perceive one another and how their behaviours affect everyone. It becomes easier to understand different aspects of the people you work with – particularly important in today’s diverse and complex workplaces.

By seeing themselves and others in a different light, and becoming aware of what people really need, leaders communicate more effectively and motivate and gain cooperation.


Ian Dodds - Ian Dodds Consultants

Ian has a successful record of turning round failing organisations by developing inclusive leaders right down to the front-line of management. These have included: a failing chemicals factory which in 5 years was turned round to be one of the best in the Group worldwide; a loss making international business of 11,000 people which became profitable again in 3 years; a Government office, which was one of the worst performers, and was turned round into being one of the best performers in 2 years and was so outstanding it was the subject of a full page article in the business pages of the Sunday Telegraph. He also uses this approach to drive Gender and Race Equality in organisations.


Karen Powell - The Creative People

The Creative People are a team of graphic designers with extensive experience in all aspects of design, production and marketing. 

We provide cost-effective, creative solutions to help you to communicate your brands, products and services through advertising, social media, literature, sales promotion materials, exhibitions and brand identity.

We also offer everything you'd expect from a thriving graphic design studio, including copywriting, photography, design concepts, artwork and print.

In fact, we're the complete package for creative concepts, graphic design and production management. Our clients include Pfizer, the NHS and local government.


Jason Cobine -  Cobine-Carmelson Limited

“Helping David’s beat Goliath’s is My mission; to change the face of insurance broking by helping businesses and charities around London get their insurance to do what they were always promised it would.

For the last 27 years Jason Cobine has helped hundreds of businesses and charities in London and the home counties get their insurance claims paid. In 2007 he founded Cobine Carmelson to make that happen first time every time! Their record is one of 100% success.

Arranging insurance correctly and updating it helps avoid disputes and protects the bottom line. The people they have helped are CEO’s, managing partners, managing directors, finance directors, business owners and charity executives who wanted to protect their assets, income and reputation. Their satisfied clients always get a good night’s sleep, even when the unthinkable happens.


Jim Jordan - Jim Jordan Consultancy

Jim Jordan Consultancy is a specialist in marketing and implementing sales and marketing growth strategies. They help business owners and executives to develop influential personalized leadership style, to increase their personal effectiveness and to create cultures that motivate high performance teams.

Small and medium sized companies across a range of industries achieve outstanding real-world results following sustainable transformation.

The owner of Jim Jordan Consultancy Ltd., Jim Jordan is a Director Consultant of BNI in Essex and Kent, He is an author, keynote speaker, trainer and Marketing Strategist and Business Consultant. He is a Master Coach with the Coaching Standards Authority and a Platinum Consultant with LPW World Wide as a Marketing and Business Strategist.

Clients leverage over 35 years’ practical experience including 25 years in a variety of corporate management and senior roles in blue-chip national and international Brands such as Clarks Shoes International, Mulberry and HMV Waterstones.


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