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The Adaptive Intelligence Cultural Pathway (AICP) is an evidence-based and benchmarked approach that quantifies multiple aspects of organisational culture that drive personal and organisational performance outcomes.

We do this by linking validated and benchmarked measurement tools to 24/7 real-time digital communication platform designed to engage everyone in the conversation around continuous cultural and operational improvement.


Our consultants support the development of honest and transparent conversations around cultural targets for improvement. As no two organisations are the same we help clients design a flexible and tailor-made programme of interventions. Investment is made only where it is really needed and their impacts can be measured accurately. Tangible improvements in cultural performance can be linked to operational data linked directly to real-world organisational outcomes.


The journey towards a high performance culture is only meaningful when compared with key financial outcomes. Our evidence shows that developing high performance culture using our methodology creates clarity of purpose across the organisation, more effective communication, more motivated staff, game-changing innovation and excellent customer relations. These in turn drive increased sales, reduced costs, greater profit and all that brings with it.

Cultural change - Engagement & Innovation

AdaptiveIG are proud to offer the power of the Denison + Waggl integrated organisational culture development platform to our clients. You get an unparalleled cultural deep dive as well as a real-time 24/7 conversation and innovation pipeline to monitor the impact of your targeted interventions.

Many new pulse survey providers position themselves as the “disruptive innovators,” trying to force an either/or choice between “outdated” annual employee engagement surveys, and “modern” real- time pulse surveys. The Denison + Waggl strategic partnership takes a different approach: They believe  true power comes a combination of these complementary approaches. Harnessing the best of both, they provide  the breadth and agility required to ensure your organisation is focused on real change. 

With most other metrics, organizations have long acknowledged the power of harnessing both breadth and agility. CFOs don’t just report financials once a year, they also know it’s unrealistic to try managing their  business with only real-time complex unfiltered data. Today’s people metrics are the same.
A fully-integrated approach, contained within a targeted, high-impact process, drives purposeful and sustainable culture transformation. 

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