Build a business everyone else wants to own!

Lead the company everyone else wants to own.


Enjoy the thrill of it, no matter what the world throws at you!

Using a unique combination of scientific, sporting and business insights you will:


  1. Re-invigorate your leadership impact.

  2. “Disrupt” yourself and your business before anyone else does.

  3. Create an “Unfair Advantage” over your competition.

  4. Double the value of your company within two years.

  5. Do all this and still achieve the balanced life you desire.


It’s about your organisation’s - 

Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP).

Embrace the inconvenient questions lying at the heart of exceptional growth and graduate with your “Street life MBA”!

How will you feel when all this becomes real?

Building a six-figure business?
Building a seven-figure business?
How do AQ-driven organisations work?
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Individual Brilliance

Ever wondered what happens when people are being brilliant, in "flow', the "zone" or the "moment". We do great things when we're being  brilliant, and success comes from being brilliant more often.

What would it be like if you could trigger your brilliance whenever you needed it, and you could be brilliant for longer?

Think of all the ways this would benefit your professional and personal life positively; especially your effectiveness as a business leader?


Accessing and harnessing more of your natural Adaptive Intelligence (AQ) is the answer and our unique Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) lies at the heart of our services for individuals.

EQ = Empathic interaction

IQ =  Agile thinking and planning

PQ = Crisp execution

AQ = Ability to flex in changing times

Team Brilliance

If people work at their best when fully engaging their individual Adaptive Intelligence (AQ), teams perform brilliantly when they integrate their combined AQ's in pursuit of a shared audacious goal.

Successful teams faced with complex problems identify the shared purpose, think freely and motivate one another.

Our unique Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) is the foundation of our AQ Services for Teams .

EQ = Shared purpose

IQ =  Adaptable thinking and planning

PQ = High performance

AQ = Flexible action in changing times

Teams charged with solving complex problems


  • Executive Boards

  • Multidisciplinary teams within organisations.

  • External Peer-to-peer executive boards


Organisational Brilliance

Outstanding organisations have crystal clear purpose, are innovative and analytical, and highly motivated.

This isn't accidental, it takes great leadership and a high performance culture underpinned by brilliant people-based systems and practices.

AQ-based organisations outperform everyone else. Build your organisation on the foundation of Adaptive Intelligence (AQ), the basis of our unique AQ-driven services for organisations.

EQ = Interactive Communication

IQ =  Learning Innovative Organisation

PQ = High performance implementation

AQ = Agile, intentional action

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