Dr Gary Coulton
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Gary spent 35 years as a university academic, teacher, business owner, innovator, executive coach, consultant, inventor, writer, sports coach, scientific researcher and family man to help people and organisations achieve outcomes beyond their expectations.


Gary brings scientific rigor with a human touch to focus on his client’s need for productive and transformative change, and launched Adaptive Intelligence Consulting Ltd in 2014.


For many years Gary worked at the interface between academic research and business often working as a consultant to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As a university Dean of Enterprise he led on the spinning out of research-based companies, IP exploitation, and seed capital investment.  He developed a strong reputation for innovation and transformational change.

He has a knack at getting to the root causes of problems and sees opportunities that others don't. His main talent is helping people learn how to make wise business decisions more often.


Gary's an expert senior-level group facilitator and innovative executive coach, supporting both the personal and the business agendas of his clients.


He's the creator of the Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) which underpins everyone's ability to create and exploit change intentionally.


Gary also leads the Adaptive Intelligence Group (AdaptiveIG) a collaboration of businesses and consultants offering a unique integrated system of validated and benchmarked tools for analysing and stimulating inclusive high performance and diverse cultures driving real-world business results.


He was appointed as a Regional Director of The Alpha Group in London who host exclusive executive boardrooms for leaders of SME’s.


Gary’s passions are conversations with interesting people, his family, mindfulness meditation and marathon kayaking.

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