Your personal "Discovery Deep Dive"
  • Discover your awesome life goals and the wealth needed to realise them.

  • How big and complex will your company need to be to fund your goals ?

  • What are your game-changing strengths?

  • What are the barriers in your way and how can you remove them?

  • What actions will you take to create this change?

  • Most of all what will it feel like to achieve this life and all that goes with it?

Your Foundations, Interferences and Actions (FIA) Report

One week after your Discovery Deep Dive we will meet for one hour to discuss our observations and build a tailor-made development programme targeting your specific personal and business goals.

AQ Coaching Programmes

We offer three Programmes Levels differing in the type and depth of support.

The exact content will differ depending upon on the results of your individual FIA Report.

The Business Elite Programme

The Business Professional Programme

The Business Starter

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