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Focus on strengthening relationships with your workforce and your customers

Using AQ to remove barriers to your success


Strong relationships form when we identify internal and external barriers getting in our way. 


The Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) helps distinguish the things we can influence from those we can't. It helps us create more elegant and robust relationships. Finally, it harnesses our courage and energy to execute , no matter how harsh the world's feedback!


The more barriers we identify, reduce or remove, the more our life-changing audacious personal and business goals come within our grasp.


Dr Gary Coulton founder and CEO of Adaptive Intelligence Consulting has developed a unique way of helping people to harness more of their own Adaptive Intelligence (AQ). This Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) is the central pillar of all of our coaching/mentoring and training.

AQ is "The art and Science of brilliant business thinking" - Dr Coulton handles the science and makes you a master of the art.

Executive Coaching

Use your AQ to grow your business and enrich your life

Influential Communication

Master the art of engaging an audience's AQ to create stronger ties to your business.

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