A business love affair

Let me tell you a story…….

Five years ago, Bill Smith fell in love with his new business. His vision and passion fulfilled him and energised his business. New customers came easily. His motivation and commitment to the relationship was 100%.

Five years later and the relationship was tarnished. Each day felt like a laundry list of tasks. One day he realised he’d fallen out of love with his business.

His revenues and profitability were disappointing. Getting talented staff and keeping them ate up his time and attention. He tried to reverse the trends, but nothing stuck.

Bill felt embattled by everything; his core purpose for starting the company took a back seat. Everything nibbled away at his relationship with the business. If he couldn’t love it, why would his workforce or customers?

To my mind, the principle job of leaders is to be “Curators of the business’s soul”. To do that you pay close and persistent attention to the business’s purpose and vision. You invite people to fall in love with it by your example.

If you were Bill’s friend, colleague or coach how would you help him to fall in back in love with his business and help everyone else do the same?

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