Bill Smith finds his spark again

When he came to me Bill Smith had fallen out of love with his business. He described being tired out by everyday tasks and yearned for the old days when it was all fresh and exciting. Now, it was all pressure. Bill was contemplating selling or closing his business.

The worst of it was his marriage was also rocky and Bill was afraid he’d end up with two "divorces".

Bill got no tea and sympathy! We worked on re-invigorating his love for his business, rediscovering his “Big WHY” and injected renewed energy into all his business relationships.

After six months, Bill and his wife no longer needed marriage counselling and his business was growing again. Covid-19 put a temporary dent in things but Bill told me he couldn’t have survived without rediscovering his love for his business.

The antidote to overwhelm is to refocus on the most important stuff, the relationships because they are the most important business levers you possess.

If your gut tells you there’s something wrong begin your “reconciliation” with your business.

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