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Doing great business when NOTHING is normal

As a business owner and leader, it’s essential to think critically and strategically in the way you run your business. To weather a storm you have to take the right actions, right NOW!

Join us for a FREE Webinar with Gerard O’Donovan to gain valuable insights on how to do that and create a business that everyone else would like to own!

Our Speaker – Gerard O’Donovan

Gerard is the founder and CEO of The Noble-Manhattan Group. Europe’s premier and longest established professional coaching and coach training organization and the Founder and CEO of The ALPHA Group the leading Peer to Peer group to help owners of SMEs in 24 countries. Gerard’s specialties include: Trainer of Professional Coaches, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach. Corporate Trainer, Mentor.

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Visitor and Member testimonials

Gio Barreca's first impressions after visiting an Alpha Group Executive Board

Cliff Findlay describing the benefits of Alpha Group Board membership to his business.

"A key benefit of the Alpha Group Executive Board is the ability to discuss and think through a business challenge with a room full of experienced and talented individuals whose collective insight is far broader than my own.  There is strength in the wise counsel of others.
Rob Goddard CEO Evolution CBS

"Every meeting I have several critical AHA moments that shift the direction of my planning."
Julian Fox CEO TechRelate.

Are you in the "Roaring 40%"?

If you see yourself as one of the 40% of business leaders always asking "WHAT IF" sign up for this Free Seminar today.

Join hundreds of business leaders in 35 countries who are creating their very own Hi-Fidelity Business Radar. 

Work in the knowledge that month in and month out up to 20 other business leaders are supporting your company's resilience and growth.

Spend an hour with Gerard O'Donovan our Founder and CEO and sample the value that Alpha Group Executive Boards deliver to their members.

If you have questions arrange a call with Dr Gary Coulton

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Dr Gary Coulton
Regional Director
The Alpha Group
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Thames Ditton
Surrey KT7 0HZ
United Kingdom

tel +44(0)7884231262
e-mail gary@the-alpha-group.biz
LinkedIn profile - https://www.linkedin.com/in/garycoultonaic/
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