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AQ - "The art and Science of brilliant business thinking"

  • AQ-driven Senior Teams

  • The Alpha Group Executive Board

Using AQ to remove barriers to your success


Do you wish your businesses teams gelled better and were more productive in tighter timeframes? Would less time spent on unproductive "politics" be profitable?


Using the Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) helps teams identify their common purpose, removes "tribal" burdens and integrates their collective innovation and analysis. Teams create more elegant and robust plans and tend to execute them on time, and on budget.

High-performance teams are better at identifying attackable barriers, they entertain more innovative ideas and usually outstrip expectations.

AQ- Driven Senior Teams

Aligned, Focussed, Strategic

Brilliant teams are aligned, focussed and strategic. But departmental loyalties, personal conflict or paralysing systems prevent them from achieving their goals.

The Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) prevents this from happening. The AIP allows people to be their best. To be more co-operative and productive.


  • Senior Team Facilitation

  • AIP Training

  • Team Coaching

Discovery Session

Every business is different so let's book you into a Discovery Session so we can begin to get to the bottom of things.

The Alpha Group

Alpha Groups brings together entrepreneurs for peer-to-peer exchange and support in a unique, member-driven experience. Business owners and Managing Directors worldwide can be part of an exclusive group of executives to brainstorm strategies, and realise the potential of increasing profit and growth.

Our Promises

Based on ten years member feedback we can promise two things:

  • Members will double or treble the value of their company within two to three years of joining an Alpha Group.

  • Member company's become a dominating force in their particular business niche.

The London Alpha Group

Dr Gary Coulton leads this group .

Companies eligible for membership can be in any business sector with annual turnover between £1M to £60M.

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