Is this your defining moment?

Are you facing a huge personal or professional decision that could shape the rest of your life?

Is the frustration of your job driving you crazy because you just can't make a difference?

Are you an entrepreneur with the next "BIG THING"?

Have you recently been laid off or taken early retirement and wondering what to do next?

Or, have you just become stale and looking for a new challenge but don't know how to decide what to do?

Don't worry you're not alone!

Take a Discovery Deep-Dive!


 Clarify your...

  • Life goals

  • Personal and professional purpose 

  • Core values to guide your future

  • Your superstrengths

  • The interferences in your way


Create a real-world action plan to achieve your goals.

Appreciate how you can and cannot influence your journey.


Remove doubt about your direction of travel.

Improve your...

  • Decision making

  • Business ideas/plans

  • Personal interactions

  • Execution of your plans

Take aways:

  • New tools for decision-making

  • Master your physical response to pressure

  • The Adaptive Intelligence Pathway

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and how you affect others

It's painful knowing you want to make a change but you're unsure how to begin.

Taking a Discovery Deep-Dive removes the uncertainty, reduces your barriers and releases your strengths.

The Deep-Dive is fun and energising. You control the pace and direction we take. 

My job is to be your champion, get the best out of you and get you on your way.

A little about Dr Gary Coulton.

I spent 35 years as a university academic, teacher, business owner, innovator, executive coach, consultant, inventor, writer, sports coach, scientific researcher and family man to help people and organisations achieve outcomes beyond their expectations.


Gary's an expert senior-level group facilitator and innovative executive coach, supporting both the personal and the business agendas of his clients.


He's the creator of the Adaptive Intelligence Pathway (AIP) which underpins everyone's ability to create and exploit change intentionally.

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What you get

  • A Half-day online Discovery Deep-Dive session.

  • A Strengths - Barriers - Actions (FBA) Report.

  • 90-minute Review, Reflections and Planning session (two weeks later).

  • A new tool-kit for decision-making

  • Insight into your Adaptive Intelligence and how to use it.

  • A route to your new personal/professional goal.

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